Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trees, a Watercolor painting of a light filled forest landscape

A Ray of Light
watercolor painting of a light filled forest landscape 
various sizes

This painting was all splattered on except for the highlighted yellow leaves and the tree trunk.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Ocean sunset painting colorful sky By derek collins

Ocean sunset painting colorful sky

Colorful Sunset
Ocean sunset painting colorful sky
24x36  on canvas $375

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Original acrylic landscape painting trees and cloud billows

original acrylic landscape painting trees and cloud billows
24x36 in my Etsy Store

Monday, March 6, 2017

Textured abstract acrylic landscape painting with clouds

textured abstract acrylic landscape painting with clouds

textured abstract acrylic landscape painting with clouds 
24x36 on canvas

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Acrylic painting of trees and water reflections

Acrylic painting of trees and water reflections

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Setting up your Etsy store, Etsy SEO,

Helping you set up your Etsy store
Some helpful tips:
You don't have to be a programmer to do this, I am going to show you where to go. All you have to do is look for phrases and words that are in your store. The code should be in Black and I believe the words that have been inserted from your store will be in blue. Find where they are and you will know which words or Phrases Google is using as Keywords, and as a description for your Etsy store, and your individual listings.
First go to you Etsy Store,
1. Right click some empty area on the page.
2. Next click, view page source
You are going to be viewing the code behind that page.

What do you see near the top
Meta name: Keywords , ( this is you Etsy Sections )
Meta name, Description (This is the first couple lines of your Etsy Shop Announcement)
Lets Start Here
Now go a third of the way down and you will start to find your Etsy Images.
I'm going to abbreviate this, but you should be able to find one, it will start out with

img src=( Etsy Image 3, What ever Etsy named it) then Alt =( Etsy has inserted the title of your individual listings here).


img src
Let me explain, img src, where did the image come from, Image source. This is usually the name of the painting and then where the image is stored. Etsy voided the name you gave your painting and renamed it. Why did they take your title off. Simple. they what your item to be found, so they renamed it with a Alternative name, Alt=
Alt=, Alternative name, this is the new name for your painting, the name that Google will see. Etsy is Naming your painting the title you used for that listing.
Here. is one of mine: Aceo Original Watercolor Painting Fishing Man Stream Fall.
This is critically important, if your listing title is only the name of the painting, this is not going to help you at all. Please notice when you list a painting, Etsy says (A brief descriptive title works best), that means Keywords that describe the painting. Descriptive title, not the name of the painting, or your name.
Benefits of using Keywords in your item title
1. They are also used as searchable tags on Etsy so this can give you a few more tags if you run out.
2. The Customer can see what the Item is without clicking on it, maybe a word in the title will entice them to click.
3. If someone Googles the keywords you have chosen, you might come up on their Google search.
  • My titles look something like this: 11 x14 Original Acrylic painting Landscape Abstract Tree.
  • This describes the painting to the Etsy shopper and also gives keywords so I can be found on Google . It describes Media, style, and subject matter. Don't assume the Etsy shopper will click the image to read the description. Write the title so that they don't have to click to find out what it is. It is sometimes difficult to recognize what something is with a tiny little picture

  • -
    An Individual Listing
    Now let's right click the page on one of our Etsy listings. Then click view page source.
    Now you are going to see:
    title (here again you see the Title you gave this listing, followed by your Etsy user name)
    meta names =keywords( this is a list of all your Etsy tags)
    meta name = description (This is the first line in you item description)
    This is why the first line in your item description needs to have keywords and needs to be descriptive.
    Here is the first line of my Description on one of my Etsy listings.
    Original acrylic painting,Blue skies and clouds
    By artist Derek Collins
    I would suggest that you right click one of my listings or someone you think is a big seller on Etsy and compare your listing to theirs.
    Bring up a different browser and right click yours and do a comparison. Once you know what you are looking for you will be able to see how other people have set their pages up and how and where they have used Keywords.

    Shop Title:
    This describes to Google what your Etsy store has in it. This should be a Phrase of Keywords
    like Original Watercolor Paintings * Original Tree Paintings etc.
    I put a Asterisk to separate the two Phrases. You can use Google Keywords to find the most popular keywords. This is tricky, If you just use just 2 words you will be lost behind a whole lot of websites. For example, Oil paintings, there a gazillion web sites selling oil paintings. Impressionist oil paintings, narrows it substantially. I suggest 2 separate phrases

    The Etsy Shop Announcement :
    The Shop Announcement is searchable by Google. Every very web site is searchable by it's title Page description. This describes what the whole web site is about. Your announcement is also the Description or the Title page description of the Web site , which is your Etsy Store.
    This is also true of the banner on Ebay, if you have an Ebay store. It is also good to repeat a couple of your Sections here to use as a Keyword phrase, ie. Original Landscape Paintings
    This is my Announcement
    Original Acrylic Abstracts and Modern Landscape Paintings by Artist Derek Collins, Modern, Impressionism,Large paintings on canvas,realism, trees,clouds,sunsets,fields,streams
    When you right click you page you will see how much Google show.

    It has Artist name,Media,Style, Subject matter. If someone searches for Artist Derek Collins they can find my store. If they search for Original Acrylic abstracts they may find me, you get the idea.
    Make the first part of your announcement descriptive of what the web site (your Etsy Store) is about. If you want to run a sale or have a greeting, do it below this. If you use your Announcement just to greet people, you are loosing an opportunity to be found on Google.

    Define who you are your store Announcement:
    You have to decide who you are, you can't be this, that and the other. I am a ______?
    You only get to be one thing, please choose. You have to pick one direction to draw people to your store. Remember, this is the description of your web page, (your Etsy store). This is what people are going to see on Google search.
    You can't be all things to all people. If you are a Painter, but you also have a few pieces of Pottery and a few other random things, only mention your main interest. What is your art, Your name,Medium, Style, subject matter.
    Don't say you have Original Acrylic Painting and Ceramics Tile, and Key rings. sounds like you have an equal amount of Painting,Ceramics, and Key Rings . You have put the Key Rings on equal footing with your paintings The obvious implications here is, if you could make a living selling paintings,you wouldn't be doing all this other stuff. So you must be a hobbiest. Just saying! Remember people on Google are just seeing a small description.

    Choosing Tags:
    Lets say you have Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings
    Below is a list of the Categories under art on the Etsy site, then the Sub categories under Mixed Media, then the sub-categories under Acrylic.
    1. When you describe your art and assign Tags you need to use as many of these as possible,because these words put your art in different categories within Etsy. The more categories you are in, the greater chance you have of being found if someone is searching by category. So these are the first words you should consider.

    Mixed Media

  • Describe Your Art
    Put this on every listing,Be specific I can't read your mind,I am a man.

  • Original or Print: Original one of a kind Painting
    Size: 5x7 If you put it in a 2 inch matt,it will fit a 8x10 frame
    The painting is 21.5 x 31 inches and is on a matt board giving it a 2 inch border all around. This painting is ooak and is signed by me on the bottom.
    The painting will ship without the frame.
    The painting will ship without the frame, is a little vague to me. Sounds like you could be shipping the frame separately
    actual Image size 22.5 x 31 inches
    Total size 26.5 x 35. This painting is painted on acid free matt board and has a 2 inch border , it will fit a 26.5x 35 inch frame. Frame not included.
    "the painting is signed on the front and back, Certificate included. That's how I do it. I sign in ink or pencil on the back.Surface, or materials: Acrylic Painted on 140lb. Arches watercolor paper
    Color: Maybe you want to describe the main colors of your art, to make the customer comfortable that the colors they are seeing on the computer are the actual colors of the art in person .

  • Disclaimer: The colors of my paintings are true. But you monitor may have a different setting, so it is possible that the colors could be slightly, but not substantially off.

      • -

    Your bio

    Make sure you have your Bio page complete

    Put an abreviated Bio at the bottom of each listing.

      • Google Analytics tell me that a lot of people only look at one page of my shop and then leave. For that reason I put my Bio on the lower part of each listing. Maybe they don't see the link for Profile,maybe they don't think to look for it. maybe they don't know what Profile means, but they may read it, if it's right there.
    You wouldn't want a 4 page Bio on Each listing. But at least an abbreviated one.

    Shoppers are Intelligent
    This is a terrible assumption to make. That is like thinking your husband can read your mind. Good luck with that!

    I have learned from selling on The Internet, you don't want people to ask questions. Don't misunderstand, you want to encourage them to ask questions. But in many cases, if they ask a question it means that you haven't explained something very well or have left out key information. If you leave something out, don't assume they will ask, most won't. If they buy it and something is left out, they may want to return it, or leave negative feedback.
    Policy page
    Fill out your Policy page by all means, but also put your policies on each listing.

    I Suggestion you put Policies on every listing
    100% Money back Guarantee for any reason: If you are not happy with your purchase, you may return for any reason. Item must be returned within 7 days and in good condition

    How long does it take you to ship: I usually ship within 3 working days,

    Who do you ship with:USPS First Class mail
    Ships securely:This painting ships rolled, bubble wrapped, in a new box.
    Tracking Number: you will be emailed with a tracking Number
    Consider printing Certificates of Authenticity on your computer
    Certificate Of Authenticity: Included with this painting
    Questions? I know you do! Please Don't hesitate to ask. Click the Convo link at the top of the page and send me your question. Please, Pretty, Please.
    Spell Check: Really, did you get A+'s in spelling, are you an exceptional Typer? Do you want people thinking you dropped out of school when you were 12? For the collective dignity of the art community, please use spell check.

    I hope some of this is helpful. I didn't go into everything, but maybe there is some useful information for you here. I am thinking of doing a post on Photographing your work.

    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    How to write an Artist Statement Bio

    Writing an Artist Statement
    I am not claiming to be an authority here, but I do know a few things. There are many different ways to skin a cat. Sorry, PETA
    Tailor it to the Audience
    You need different artist statements depending on who you are addressing. Is this to a Gallery, for the general public, or for the Internet.
    Bio/ Artist Statement
    A lot of Artist Statements will be a combination of a Bio and a Statement. It could include a picture of the artist in action, shows you have done, awards, Galleries that represent you, etc. Have you taught, or given demonstrations? Are you a full-time artist, how long have you been painting, where have you studied. Maybe you include, contact information ( online and off), phone, address, Website, Email, etc.
    The Artist Downfall

    A lot of artist are almost apologetic when talking about themselves or their accomplishments.
    Play up your strong points. It is often what you don't say that is most important. Don't try to make an award won at a County Fair into a big deal. People will see through that. You can say that you are an award winning artist. Just leave it at that. It's true! You are! You just don't have to volunteer that it was at a County Fair. Have you taught art to 5th graders? Then you can say you have taught art. You get the point. You don't want to lie. On the other hand you don't want to minimize what you have done.
    Personal verses "Just the Facts Maam"

    If the Info is for a Gallery it may be more of, "Just the Facts Maam" More business like. Hopefully you are meeting the Gallery owner in person. You're going to have a relationship with the Gallery. They want to know your art process, but not endearing stories, at least not initially.

    If the info is at an art show it will be a little more personal. Hopefully you will meet and talk to your customers as well. You better, if you want to sell
    I think most people agree that on the Internet it is very important to be a little more personal, so that people can get to know you. You are just 1 of a ga-zillion people trying to sell on the Internet. You need to make them feel that they know you. It's ok to be business like, but it is easy to come across as gruff, when the person doesn't have the benefit of your smiling face. Especially when you are dispensing payment/ shipping terms and policy's, all very impersonal.

    The Statement
    Sometimes a Statement can be about , why you do what you.
    and or
    How you came to the point of doing what you do.
    and or
    The actual process of how you do it.
    and or
    (Your Art Theory)
    Your belief of how art should be done or should be viewed
    ( Art Mumbo Jumbo) This never made a lot of sense to me.
    Combination Bio/ Statement
    click the link
    This was done for a particular art show. Normally, I will have contact information on the top. For this audience, I thought the most important thing was the shows that I have done, so I put it on top. As I didn't expect that they would take the time to do a lot of reading. Some shows will actually ask you to describe the process of making your art.
    Random Stuff

    This is some of the Information that I have on some Internet sites
    About Derek:
    Derek is a full time, established, award winning artist and has been painting for over 20 years. Derek exhibits at the top ranked juried art shows in the nation. He does about 20 shows a year in 12 different states. He has been featured in print and interviewed on television concerning his art. His Baseball abstract "You're Outta Here" is displayed in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Sports Art in Indianapolis, Indiana. Prints of Derek's paintings grace the walls of 4 and 5 star hotels. He lives outside of Memphis, Indiana, which is a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky with his wife and 2 sons. He lives in a restored 1924 farmhouse and has a working studio/gallery that he built in a barn behind his home.

    Why I paint:
    Painting took me quite by accident. At the age of 26 I had a serious back injury. As I lay there watching TV, I happened upon PBS. I saw Bob Ross doing painting demonstrations. He is the fuzzy headed guy painting happy little tree oil paintings. I had an epiphany watching him paint a scene of a waterfall. I purchased some Oil Paint, and 6 months later I started selling paintings. I have never looked back.

    I usually have a very basic idea when I paint a painting. The more I think about a painting the easier it is to get bogged down in the details, and then I can't even muster up the courage to start. If I just have a basic idea, then I am then free to paint, and let the painting just happen. I usually paint with no drawing or sketching. I draw with the paint, mixing colors on the paper or canvas. I do a lot of negative painting. Instead of painting the sky and then the tree, I will paint the tree and then paint the sky, redefining the shape of the shape of the tree. Often in the middle of a painting, I will see something happening and I have learned over the years to always go with the feeling. When this happens, an abstract may turn into a landscape or a sunset may turn into snow scene. It took me many years to get to this level of freedom. When I first started painting decades ago, my paintings were very tight and I used very small brushes. I would draw everything out first, in great detail . With each passing year painting becomes more like play.
    I hope this helps
    If it did, please feel free to comment. It's good to know that people are listening. It keeps me motivated.