Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to a balance warm and cool colors! - original landscape painting acrylic panorama

Below is a painting that I repainted Before
This is the original painting. It isn't a bad painting, it just doesn't have the pop that it could have. It has 2 basic areas that could be improved.

1. Light and dark values
2.Warm and cool colors
Light and Dark
There are to many mid tones in this painting, no real dark areas. Notice the green field area in the foreground, and the background are the same value. They are also the same value as the distant mountains. This isn't giving you a sense of distance.
Warm and Cool
The painting is almost entirely warm colors. The combination of all of the mid tones and the warm colors give this painting a very soft feeling, no pop.

Notice the foreground darks are better defined, giving more separation from the distant field. This adds a greater sense of depth.
The Lights
Notice the light area in the sky. The light area in both painting is almost exactly the same color and value. Because I added more darks in the 2nd painting, the light area looks much lighter.
Cool and Warm
The biggest change is in the sky. The first sky is all warm. The after painting has a large area of cool blue playing against the warmer yellow.
I have another painting that I repainted that I plan to show you in my next posting.

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