Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Artist Joke - Plagerizing

" Gathering Storm"
Original Aceo Watercolor barn Painting

This is a true story that heard a few years back, I promise.

There were these 2 artist who were good friends, they were both painters. There was this third artist who was always stealing their ideas. They would go to a show and see that this artist was there. At the next show, they would see that the artist had painted new work that looked like their new work. He always undercut them and sold it cheaper.

There was this big show in their area. Neither of the two artist, were able to get into the show. So, they got together and went to the show, just to check it out. As they were walking around the show, they saw that the Forgery artist had gotten in the show. They were walking toward his booth, when they heard music blazing and a troop of people marched past them, and into the Forgery artist booth.

He had won a major award! The one artist looked at the other artist and said, "Let's go see which one of us won.

It's true, I swear!

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