Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be Schizophrenic - Finding a painting style

Be Schizophrenic
I am from Indiana, in my area, a lot of people vacation in the Smoky Mountains. I used to hear about a Smokey Mountain painter named Jim Grey. Once, on a trip down there, I happened upon his Studio. His whole Gallery was filled with Smokey Mountain, Watercolor paintings. Then to my amazement, I found this separate room with Nautical paintings. Coastal scenes, boats and such. I was shocked! There was a sign that said "Jim Grey, National Society of Marine Painters". Here is an example of an artist painting different bodies of work for different markets. In the Smokies he's painting watercolors. On the West coast he's painting Nautical Oil Paintings. Painting different work for different markets, will also help you stay fresh and energized. In Picasso's lifetime, he did Landscape Realism, portraits, pencil scetches, collage,cubism and painted on mass produced pottery. If you have seen my work on the internet, you have seen mostly landscapes. When I do art shows outside of the Midwest and in larger cities I take abstracts. It would be pointless to try to sell a Midwestern landscapes in Houston.

Here is one of my abstracts!

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