Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paint like Norman Bates (Pyscho) - Finding a painting style

OK, I'm a old movie buff. Norman Bates is the killer in the movie Psycho. In the shower scene, he just keeps on stabbing Janet Leigh as the Violins shriek. Do you wear your brushes out, or do they last a long time. If your brushes last a long time, you are way to tense! Chill out a bit. You need to learn to use every conceivable part of the brush. Stab, Stab,Stab! Dab,Dab, Dab! Smear and Smouch!
Try painting a painting with one brush. Learn to use the side, tip, corner and just a couple hairs of the brush. Load it to a sharp point and learn to make straights line with it. Try painting a whole painting with a large Fan brush or a 1 inch flat. If you always use a Round, throw it away. It is one of the more restrictive brushes you could use. It is good for broad stroke flower petals, but not so much for Landscapes. Not, if you want to loosen up. Stab,Stab, Stab!

"Light Revealed"
original impressionist acrylic landscape painting

Here is an example of a painting that I painted with a 1 1/2 stiff Bristle Fan Brush.

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  1. Great tip! My students go nuts when I try to make them paint an entire watercolor painting with a 3/4 inch flat one stroke brush and even more so when we only use the 1 1/2 inch wash brush.


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